Girl Power, Literally: The 2014 Women’s Fitness Summit

I had an amazing time at the Women’s Fitness Summit.  The speakers and attendees alike inspired me immeasurably and have given me a lot to think about regarding my training, habits, and career path.

This incredible recap by Emily Torockio is worth reading. Twice. I can’t wait for next year!

Size Strong

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to head back to my home state of Missouri for the first annual Women’s Fitness Summit. The vision-turned-reality of Dr. Cassandra Forsythe and her colleagues at Girls Gone Strong, the Women’s Fitness Summit is an initial and crucial step in addressing a major imbalance in the fitness world – despite the fact that women make up half of fitness population, the overwhelming majority of the speakers at major fitness conferences are men, and the topics they address are overwhelmingly male-centric.


Much like Size Strong, the Women’s Fitness Summit is not about alienating women from the rest of the fitness community, but rather about creating a safe and productive space for open dialogue and the sharing of knowledge and resources amongst women who are passionate about their health and strength. Over the last three days, women from all over North America gathered to…

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