Back to Blog

A few weeks ago was Back to School time, and I was just talking about how much I miss being in school. I don’t know if I’ll ever get another degree, but it’s fun to reminisce about books and supplies, new backpacks, shiny shoes, and all that jazz. Of course, learning happens all the time, without the need for a classroom setting. If we’re not learning, we’re probably not paying attention.

This week, my friend Debbie mentioned that she is going to blog every day in October. I was once again reminded that, hey, I have a blog! I hopped over here to reacquaint myself and discovered that I haven’t posted since LAST October 1st. And that was a re-post.

So I’m going to dust off my keyboard and participate in Blog-toberfest. I’m not going to commit to writing daily, per se, but I’ll see how close I can get! Even short posts count, so I’ll keep reminding myself it’s okay to write, even if I don’t have a lot to say (or a lot of time to do so).

Speaking of Debbie, she and I met through the Women’s Fitness Summit and we both have an interest in studying mindset, so her post today resonates loudly for me. Check it out! I will be sharing my own thoughts about mindset going forward, as well as updates on my training, sites and people I like to follow, and more.

Cheers, happy October… and happy Blog-tober!!